Lash & Brow Supplies

Brow Henna in capsules, Biowave, Lamination and more


MAYAMY Brow Henna

World's first Brow Henna in Nano-Capsules,
4 popular colors

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MAYAMY Biolash Lift

Eyelash Biowave, beautiful curve,
very popular

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Perfect Lash & Brow lamination MAYAMY Lamination

Eyelash Lamination Set with Silk Essence

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Lash & Brow Protein Reconstruction
Protein Botox

New supreme composition, based on protein, absolutely harmless, provides a beautiful
curl and restores lashes 

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Brow Perm MAYAMY
Brow Perm

Long-term laying of eyebrows is indicated with asymmetry of eyebrows, eyebrows growing in the wrong direction, hard hairs

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Permanent Tattoo Remover

Permanent Tattoo Remover Biolique Professional - This is a unique 3-step pigment (PM) remover,
based predominantly on
natural components

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Biolique Professional

Innovative procedure for eyebrows, eyelids and lips! Safe Nano-Dust technique provides a particularly beautiful and natural effect for 6 to 36 months!

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Lash & Brow Dye
MAYAMY Bronsun

Brilliant and Rich colors for your
eyelashes and eyebrows

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Decorative Cosmetics
and Care
MYAMAY Little Things

Handy and expressive. Little beauty assistants

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Try MAYAMY Brow Henna and experience the beautiful effects! We’ll send you 4 of the most popular color

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